Online Hearing Check

Ensuring Optimal Testing Conditions

  • Use headphones or earphones instead of inbuilt speakers and ensure current volume setting is set to 50%
  • The test is performed in a quiet environment

Please note that the Online Hearing Check can only serve as an indicator for hearing loss and cannot replace a full hearing test performed by a qualified clinician.

Testing Instructions

Step 1: Once you start the online hearing check, you will be required to rate your hearing by clicking either “poor”, “good”, or “not sure”.

Step 2: Follow the onscreen instructions and press play, you will be asked to listen to a tone 

Step 3: Once you click hear the tone, you will be asked to adjust the volume of the tone using the “minus” and “plus” buttons

This procedure will be repeated for the left and right ears individually


Step 4: After the test is completed, you will be shown a results page summary

Step 5: You may choose to save a copy of the results for your records by inputting your email address