About Us

Adaptive Hearing is an independent clinic that values high quality hearing services personalised for your hearing needs.

About Us

Adaptive Hearing is an independently owned hearing clinic which was established in 2008.

We have been providing services within Bossley Park for over 10 years. Our experience as a local clinic has helped us to build the trust of our local residents while our independence means that we are not restricted to one manufacturer when providing hearing solutions. Our independence allows us to offer you a cost effective solution that is tailored for your hearing needs.


What are the advantages of an independent clinic over the Big Chains/Franchise clinics ?
Client focused and not business centric
Many big chain clinics place sales targets and offer paid commission to their audiologists providing hearing services. Unfortunately, this business centric model facilitates the behaviour of selling more expensive devices when not needed.
An independent clinic means that you can be sure that your hearing solution will be based on your hearing needs and not influenced by paid commissions.
Greater Personal Service

An independent clinic has a more client orientated approach whereas many big chain clinics pressure their clinicians to see as many clients as possible throughout the working day. Choosing an independent clinic ensures your appointment will not be rushed and are completed to the highest standards. Any lingering questions you have will be answered by our clinicians before the appointment concludes.

The ability to purchase a hearing aid that is tailored to your hearing needs
An independent clinic is not restricted by one manufacturer. Adaptive Hearing is able to provide you devices from a wide range of world leading hearing device manufacturers. A larger device selection range means that you get the most suitable device for your lifestyle.
Greater Client Continuity

Client continuity is difficult to maintain at many big chain clinics due to their large organisation size. Each time you arrange an appointment you may be assigned a different hearing service provider and have to reexplain your hearing history  leading to unnecessarily longer appointment times.

An independent clinic means that the hearing service provider you see at your first appointment will likely be seen at your future appointments. The hearing service provider you see will know your hearing history at future appointments.

Some of the Manufacturers we Work with:

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