Free Hearing Aid Trial

Are you interested in trialing the latest hearing aid technology from manufacturers such as Phonak, Starkey and Beltone?

Free Hearing Aid Trial at Adaptive Hearing (Bossley Park)

Adaptive Hearing offers trials for most of the latest hearing aids released by manufacturers.

To give you the best experience while trialing the hearing aids, we will require you to do a full hearing assessment if our records indicate that your last hearing test exceeds 1 year. This ensures that the trial is based on your current hearing thresholds.


Are you interested in trialing any of the following devices?

What to expect when requesting to trial a hearing aid?

After arranging an appointment for a free hearing aid trial and attending your appointment with Adaptive Hearing: 

One of our accredited audiologist/audiometrist will fit you the trial devices based on your current hearing thresholds. You will get to trial the devices for one week.

Please note:

  1. That trial devices are subject to device availability in clinic.
  2. That only Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids can be trialed because In-the-Canal(ITC) hearing aids require a custom hearing aid shell that is specific to your ear only.

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