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Are you concerned about your hearing?

Free Hearing Test at Adaptive Hearing (Bossley Park)

Adaptive Hearing offers free hearing tests on site for those aged over 18. A free hearing test is an effective indicator on your hearing levels and whether a need for a more comprehensive hearing test is warranted. A referral is not needed for this test.

What to expect from your free hearing test

After arranging an appointment for a free hearing test and attending your appointment with Adaptive Hearing: 

One of our accredited audiologist/audiometrist will present a series of beeps. When you hear those beeps, you simply have to press a button. The hearing test should not be longer than 15 minutes. Upon conclusion of the test, our clinician will go over the results with you and recommend whether further actions need to be taken (e.g., a more comprehensive hearing test).

Do I need a hearing test?

Those with hearing loss often report one of the following:

    • Others have to repeat themselves for me to hear to understand them
    • Family or friends say that the TV is too loud
    • I have worked in noisy environments without ear protection
    • I find that I am tired at the end of the day after being in an environment with lots of noise
    • I find people mumble
    • I often miss the ringtone of my mobile or doorbell
    • I cannot hear the turning indicator when driving
    • I have a family history of hearing loss
    • I hear a ringing noise in my ears (also known as tinnitus)
    • I have a better hearing ear

If you can relate to one of the above situations, it would be best to take a hearing test to confirm your hearing thresholds and whether further action needs to be taken.

Can I do an Online Hearing Test ?

While an online hearing test is more convenient and quicker than a hearing test performed by an Audiologist, the conclusions drawn from online hearing tests can be lacking. Although online hearing tests may be lacking in information such as the type of hearing loss, it can serve as a good indicator whether you should be concerned about your hearing.

When doing an online hearing test it is important to minimise external factors that can influence results such as background noise. It is preferable to use headphones or earphones so that each ear can be measured independently. Click here if you would like to proceed with an online hearing test.

What to expect from a comprehensive hearing test

If you had a hearing test and a hearing loss is suspected, you might have been recommended to do a comprehensive hearing test.

A comprehensive hearing test usually takes an hour to perform 

A comprehensive hearing test consists of several tests:

  1. Otoscopy – an examination of your outer ear
  2. Pure Tone Audiometry – an outer to inner ear test where a series of beeps presented through earphones to assess the degree and type of hearing loss
  3. Speech Testing – a functional hearing test
  4. Tympanometry – a middle ear test to determine if any middle ear pathologies are present
  5. Any additional tests if deemed necessary


Hearing Service Program Voucher holders are eligible for a fully subsidised comprehensive hearing test (Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program).


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