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Does Private Healthcare Insurance Cover Audiology Services?

Does my private healthcare insurance cover hearing aids and Audiology tests?

Different private health insurances have differing levels of cover and may or may not cover Audiology services including hearing aids. How much cover is given also depends on your level of cover and which health insurance provider you are with. The best method to determine your level of cover for Audiology is to check with your private health insurance.

Things to ask when checking your cover with your private health insurer

Knowing exactly which Audiology services you are covered for and what responsibilities you have in order to claim these benefits is important.

Consider asking the following when checking your cover:

  1. Does my cover include hearing tests and hearing aids?
  2. How much cover do I get for hearing aids?
  3. Does the cover specify one or two hearing aids ?
  4. Do I have to pay the hearing aids in full before I receive the benefit?
  5. Is there any conditions to claim the benefit (e.g., Do I require a referral from a doctor?)
  6. How often can I claim Audiology services (e.g., hearing test)

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